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Empowering The Black Community Through Advocacy And Education

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We are an advocacy service that has been established to support the black community through crisis. This website is an educational hub and humanitarian directory. Since our founding in June 2020, we have been determined to make an impact. Coronavirus exacerbated the disparities between the Black community and wider society, while highlighting these disparities remains important, we also want to become solution focused.

We facilitate collaborative projects throughout the year. We focus on four areas.

Medical Racism

Career Development

Environmental Racism

Improving health quality


Our mission is to stand as a fundamental support mechanism for the black community. We are aware of the systemic barriers that the black community face. Including but not limited to, late diagnosis of illnesses, poor communication from health professionals, inner city deprivation, social isolation and pre-existing medical illnesses. The hardships that our community face have encouraged us to look for solutions internally. We want to see improvements in four areas, the physical health of our community, raise awareness about environmental racism, medical racism and offer opportunities in career development.

Our mission is to see a self-sufficient community that will transcend tokenism and stand by other communities to create a stronger society. Colonialism have left destructive remnants that continue to prohibit the progression of the black community and while there is a time to lobby for reparations, we feel it is important that we become our own saviours. Our online educational platform contains black health literature and a growing video library; led by certified black health professionals who provide life saving medical information that will help to lower the risk of death if individuals were to contract Covid-19 or similar. We are continually seeking funds to continue our help-line service, we want ensure that members of the black community understand their rights and can seek us to help clarify information given to them by the NHS.



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