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Tech Rootz is a double award winning Midlands based non-coding initiative committed to opening up access to the tech industry for Black, Neuro-divergent and Deaf communities.

We work with tech professionals to educate these communities and share advice on how to enter the tech industry without a degree or background in computer science.

Each year we have an annual event designed to offer people the opportunity to physically explore tech roles via simulations, watching live demos and through engagement with the design and gaming world.


We also partner with companies to facilitate collaborative workshops throughout the year. The roles we explore range from UX/UI, Product Design, Project Management, Product Ownership, Gaming Audio, Delivery Management, Quality Automation, Data Science, Music Production and more. 



Non-Coding Tech Roles

Tech is the fastest growing industry in the world. Roles are often remote and do not require a degree. Its possible to use transferable skills to enter into tech. You miss 100% of the opportunities that you do not take. Check the Black women in tech job board below.



Only 3% of the Black community is represented in the UK Tech industry and less than 1% is Afro-Caribbean. We want to increase that number by encouraging more Black professionals to consider a role in tech. In our workshops we will share information about how to gain skills, how to prepare and apply to roles. You belong in the tech industry.

Click below to find more Black Tech initiatives.



The average salary in tech is 60k and there are a wide variety of roles.

Many roles require skills that you may already have, for e.g  time management, communication, problem solving as well as creativity. Click below to find more about Deaf inclusion & Neuro-divergence in tech.

We look forward to having you follow our journey. Please follow our Instagram page to keep up to date or subscribe below. We will have more events and opportunities throughout the year. 

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