Would you like to join our training programme?

The session will run from July 1st -July 23rd each Saturday 12pm-2pm.

Online and in person.

You must have access to an apple laptop for the music production session.


What will you learn on the programme?

You will learn the basics of how to use software and tools coupled with the methodology of each discipline. Including :


Learning the principles of : Agile, development, user experience, the basics of interface design, basics of composition, arrangement, mixing, road mapping and more.

You will also have the opportunity to put what you have learnt to use through various exercises.

Tutors will feedback and will help you to develop your skills as the sessions go on.

You will leave the training programme with a development plan.

This will be your first step into exploring the world of non-coding tech roles.

Please apply below or contact admin@bhss.co.uk for more information.