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Allyship can mean many things but sometimes it has meant the centring of whiteness while being well-intentioned. It has also meant Brown allies exploiting the black movement for their own gain whilst not actively challenging anti-blackness in their own communities.


Although groups may be well intentioned, it is often that groups exploit, culturally appropriate and halt the progression of the black community. We value the true meaning of allyship and collaborative working.

What do we think allyship means?

Our vision is for the 'black' community to be self-sufficient. Not depending on external aid but to create an affluent eco-system. FUBU (for us by us).


This is practiced by all racial groups, however the black community has always been purposely deviated from practicing self reliance. It is not conducive to speak for black people, to lead black people or to exploit black culture for profit while denouncing racism. These actions are all part of the problem.

How can you help?

If you can and have the means, donate to black charities who reinvest social commerce into the black community. Donating to charities who work with black people is not the same thing, this does not help the black community.


Hire black people. If you are managing an event that strongly focuses on black music, culture, food or art than hire black people. Black people do not own their culture. Most black culture that was produced in the west came out of oppression and was not created to make profit. However, in todays ages musical genres like hip-hop, Grime, Regga, dance hall, house, Djing, Street dance, Capoiera have all become mass profit money making schemes for white people.


Making money from black art while said people are oppressed, killed and degraded for creating said art is not a compliment. It keeps the racial hierarchy very much alive. Art and culture is here for all people to enjoy but we must understand the very politics and oppression that black art has arisen from. Black people are still not free, if you love black culture, love and hire black people.


Use ethically sourced phones. This is a longshot but we have to understand the nuances of racism and environmental racism is very much at the forefront of black socio-economic problems. Environmental racism disproportianetly effects black and brown people. There is more information about this on our manifesto page. Companies like Apple, Samsung and pretty much any major tech brand unethically sources the minerals used to make our phones, laptops and tvs. In some areas of Africa and Indonesia, children who have no choice but to mine or work on wastelands where our phones are dumped have a life expectancy of just 24. When your upgrade is due, think about using ethical phones like fairphone.


  • Support black businesses, there are black business markets popping up every month, why not attend and spend some coins to support the community.

  • Start an initiative and hand-over to members of the community to continue or volunteer for a black charity.

  • Challenge racists, if you own or manage in a company have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to racism and have an anti-racism programme.

  • Speak up on social media, support rather than draw attention to every injustice. For example, after the Euro Football final there was so much support for all three black players, speak out at let people know what a diverse country means to you. 

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