Certified Black Health Professionals

We want the information that we give you to be credible, so we make sure that anyone who runs a workshop or provides resource for the community is certified with formal qualifications and has been practicing in their area of expertise for at least twelve months.



Registered Nutritionist

 is a London-based Registered Holistic Nutritionist, public speaker, nutrition course creator with a deep passion for all things wellness. Simone has hosted an array of nutritional workshops at some of the biggest exhibitions and festivals across Europe.  

Her practice, Msholistic is a leading online nutrition clinic with a deep emphasis on gut health. That specialises in gut health disordered, autoimmune diseases, women’s health, weight-loss, cholesterol-related issues, heart disease, fatty liver and other lifestyle diseases. 

From attending one to many funerals as a child, Simone has made it her lifes work to empower all to make better lifestyle choices for better health.





My name is Lynda McFarlane and I have come to realise that my identity is tied to my history which now shapes my current existence.  
My role now is to help and serve others as well as myself through therapeutic measures which take the shape of my practice in Existential Psychotherapy with qualifications from Birmingham University, Aston University and Kings College University of London.  I recognise and understand that our existence is marked by a myriad of challenges and my advocacy is to walk with my clients durings these times in an empathic, confidential and authentic way until the companionship is no longer required.  I am increasingly using my skills to serve individuals of African descent particularly in supporting Post Traumatic Enslavements Disorder that masquerades as culture with the African communities and I am committed to its awareness and our repair.  



Sports Therapist

Matthew graduated from The University of Birmingham with a Bachelors of Science is Sports Therapy. He is a functional movement specialist and runs a mobile rehabilitation clinic.



Clinical Dietician

Catherine is a Registered Dietitian with Health & Care Professional Registration (HCPC). Specialising in gastroenterology and nutrition support. An active British Dietetic Association 

(BDA) member and volunteers as a BDA Media Spokesperson.

Catherines aim is to provide easy to understand nutritional information without jargon, health claims or quick fixes. Catherine hopes to inspire and motivate  individuals to continue to live a healthier lifestyle, focusing on nutrition, using evidenced-based knowledge.

M: +44 (0) 7921 846 658




Natalie Scarlett is an Engagement and Development Manager who has worked in the third sector for fifteen years. She has a Masters in Political and Corporate Communication and is committed to empowering the individual or communities through education and resource. 
She founded BHSS  in June 2020 after witnessing the disproportionate amount of deaths in the black community during the Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic brought systemic racism to the forefront. It only exacerbated what has been happening covertly for decades. Feeling powerless she decided to strategise and seek like minded members of the community to find some solutions. It was really important that this was led by the black community for the black community, a space without apology by people who can understand the impact that systemic racism has on the individual. Here we are with The Black Heritage Support Service.

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Dr Claudine is a Paediatrician who is based in South Wales.

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Data and Evidence Manager

Jaynaide is a public health professional who currently works in the field of obesity. Jaynaide
completed her Masters in Public Health at Imperial College London in 2017, and since then has used
her research skills to evaluate public health programmes, generate new evidence and improve public
health. Her interests include non-communicable diseases, the social and commercial determinants of
health, migrant health and the health of minority groups, and health inequalities.